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Fat Tony’s in-room dining menu available on a daily basis from 11 am to 10 pm.



Chicken Fingers & Fries 16

Large Fries 5 

Large Fries & Gravy 8

Large Cheese Curd Poutine 12

Onion Rings 6


Gourmet Flatbreads

Gourmet Flatbreads 7” x 15”  - all of our flatbreads are made with artisan dough, mozzarella & roasted tomato sauce

Cheese 16

house made spicy cheese sauce, cheese curds, mozzarella, herb pesto, garlic parmesan dip

The Connaught Drive 17

mushroom & pepperoni

Beef Dip 18

house smoked beef, caramelized onions, side of ranch

Aloha 17

pineapple, ham, bacon

Farmer’s Market 18

butternut squash, charred cauliflower, shiitakes, herb pesto, smoked cheddar, goat cheese, arugula, pistachiosdivider

Meal Deals

Double Up 32

any two gourmet flatbreads of your choice

Flatbread and Caesar 30

your choice of flatbread with a large Caesar salad

The Feast 35

10 chicken wings, large fries and any 1 flatbread

*meal deals cannot be substituted or modified & may not be combined with any other offers.divider


*Add to your Nachos - smoked brisket 5 | plain or jerk chicken 5 | cheese 3 | guacamole 3 | sour cream 3 

Jalapeño Nachos 14*

house made spicy cheese sauce, fried corn chips, tomato, green onion, black olives, hot peppers, salsa

Bison Chili & Chips 15* 

fried corn chips, bison chili, mozzarella, green onion, smoked sour cream, goat cheese sauce

Crispy Rice Bites & Ribs 14 

5 spiced dry ribs, coconut rice, sweet & sour shiitakes, fresh lime, hoisin dip

Caesar Salad 8/14 

romaine hearts, parmesan, lemon zest, smoked bacon, bannock croûtons

Creations Salad 9/16

baby kale, cucumber, radish, pickled red onions, pea shoots, fresh herbs, puffed wild rice, smoked tomato vinaigrette

Drumsticks 14

5 pieces of lightly fried chicken in seasoned rice flour, smoked chili honey or your choice of wing sauce

Chicken Wings 1 LBS (10 wings) 16 | 2 LBS (20 wings) 30

honey garlic, hot or BBQ saucedivider

The Classics

Streak & Fries - 6OZ Sirloin 22 | 10OZ Striploin 33

grilled AAA sterling silver beef, French fries, baby kale salad

Fish & Chips 18 - Extra Piece 5

2 pieces of beer battered white fish, malt vinegar powder, tartar sauce, lemon, creamy slaw

All Day Breakfast Hash 17 (add cheese curd & gravy 3)

3 eggs over easy, sausage, roasted onion & russet hash, bacon, Swiss cheese, toastdivider

Cold Beer, Wine & Drinks

Domestic Beer - bottle 341ml 6.5 | pint 16oz 8

Import & Craft - bottle 341ml 7.5 | pint 16oz 9 

Wine by the Glass 6oz - house red or white 8

Pop Cans 3 | Jones Soda 4 | Bottled Water 3