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Looking for a more local hotel experience? At Sawridge, we're Albertan born and bred with proud Cree First Nation roots that are reflected in everything we do. We're no strangers to hospitality either, with 40 years under our belts you can be sure we know how to make you feel right at home. Great amenities, creative dining, professional meeting space and amazing service are just a few areas we excel in. Come find out how Sawridge can make your trip one to remember.

Top 10 Reasons to Stay with Sawridge

Sawridge Full Service Icon   Full Service

We've got you covered with dining options, parking, WiFi, fitness rooms, meeting space and more

Sawridge - Comfort Icon   Comfort

Spacious rooms and our signature Dreamers Wanted™ beds will make you feel at home

Sawridge - We Care Icon   People Who Care

We passionately serve customers as guests in our home

Sawridge - Dine & Lounge Icon   Dine & Lounge

On-site comfortable dining facilities, expect a lot of "yum"

Sawridge - Reputation Icon   Reputation

We are an Alberta mainstay and our reputation speaks for itself

Sawridge - Communication Icon   Communication

We make it easy to book and stay connected

Sawridge - Consitency icon   Consistency

Our hotels are unique while our focus on customer service is consistent in all we do

Sawridge - Roots Icon   Local First Nations Roots

We are proud of our culture and indigenous values

Sawridge - Value Icon   Excellent Value

We offer unmatched hospitality for a great price

Sawridge - Amenities Icon   Unique Amenities

Our locally sourced, environmentally friendly amenities will enhance your stay