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At Sawridge Inn Edmonton your pets are as welcome as you are!

All pets that stay in our hotels are VIPs (Very Important Pets).

As a member of the Pets Can Stay program we have a pet obsession!  We ensure that your dog enjoys a luxurious stay with us for a minimal fee of $20 per night.

Key points when traveling with your pet at Sawridge Inn Edmonton:

  • Make sure you let the Sawridge staff know that your pet will be accompanying you during your reservation process.
  • Upon arrival you and your pet will be greeted by our lovely front desk staff where you can ask for "doggy bags". This is our version of a champagne welcome for your furry friend.
  • Let the front desk know when you take your animal for a walk so we can clean and service your room while you're out.

Pets Pets

Things to Do with Your Pet In Edmonton

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You'll find our South Edmonton location is a pet friendly destination click on the links provided below for more information.