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A winter playground in Fort McMurray

Winter in Fort McMurray has so many incredible opportunities for your winter adventure. Snowshoe or cross-country ski on the vast trail system throughout our city and region. Fort McMurray is a great destination for snowmobiling with its amazing scenery and great terrain - sledders, this is your paradise.

Northern Lights

Fort McMurray is located within the auroral band that roughly centers on the 65th parallel

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are mesmerizing, dynamic displays of light that appear in the night time northern skies. The Aurora is caused by energetic particles that enter the atmosphere from above and create the luminous glow of the upper atmosphere. There are few sights that equal the magic and mystery of these brilliant waves of color dancing in the cool night air.

We are privileged to watch the Aurora Borealis dance most cold, clear evenings from October to March.

Fort McMurray - Northern Lights Fort McMurray - Northern Lights


A snowmobiler's paradise

Northern Alberta is a snowmobiler’s paradise with hundreds of kilometers of trails, cut lines and navigable waterways to explore. Enjoy the groomed and signed trail systems in place courtesy of the McMurray Sno Drifters club, a group of local enthusiasts who have successfully partnered with the Municipality, Sustainable Resources and industry to designate, develop and maintain snowmobile trails throughout the region.

Fort McMurray - Destination Fort McMurray - Destination

Staging areas are available in Waterways, Abasand Heights and north of Fort McMurray to allow users to park their vehicles and off load their units. Be sure to purchase a trail pass from any member of the local club and be aware of the bylaws and rules governing snowmobiling use within the region.

Ice Fishing

Don’t wait until spring to nail that trophy walleye or trout!

Ice fishing can be done on most lakes and streams around the province. Depending on ice conditions, the season generally runs from December through April. Local anglers build temporary sheds or simply drill holes and drop in a line. Just be sure to check local regulations before you head out.

Ice fishing in Canada is a terrific way to help winter fly by. That trophy doesn’t have to wait until spring. It is just as exciting pulling it up through the ice.  You can go ice fishing at Mikisew Sport Fishing

Fort McMurray - Destination Fort McMurray - Destination

Dog Sledding in Fort Chipweyan

If you seek him out, Grandjambe will take you on a dog sledding tour, sharing his way of life.

If you seek him out, Grandjambe  will take you on a tour to immerse you in whichever aspects of northern life you find most intriguing. He does it proudly, as an ambassador of his community and culture.

Before long, you’re dog sledding with Grandjambe through a creaking forest of pine, birch, and poplar. Then you’re hoisting nets from holes in a frozen lake, the weight of many pounds of wriggling fish palpable in your arms and legs. All the while your ear is filled with vivid stories of the land and a way of life that trace the bygone eras, linking them to the present moment the two of you are sharing.

Fort McMurray - Destination Fort McMurray - Destination

Oil Barons

Watch a Junior game with the Fort McMurray Oil Barons. 

Make your way to the Casman Centre, to catch an Oil Barons hockey game. Inside the arena, the players make their way onto the fresh ice, their skate blades cutting arcs and lines into its surface.

Ticket Information and Game Schedule

Fort McMurray - Destination Fort McMurray - Destination

For more information on winter activities in Fort McMuray, visit Fort McMurray Tourism's website.